I Want My MTV

It was a colorful era of purple bananas and cherry ice cream smiles. When synthesizers played a starring role and musicians found a place on TV. I Want My MTV celebrates the video stars of the 80s: the legends (Michael Jackson, Prince, The Police), the icons (Duran Duran, INXS, Billy Idol), the rockers (Loverboy, Bon Jovi), the one hit wonders (Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Falco), the game changers (The Cure, R.E.M.) and so much more.

Get The FUnk Out

R&B at its most rhythmic and experimental, funk is the bridge between classic era soul and disco. With its driving beat and prominent bass, funk always comes to party. Get the Funk Out features the music of Stevie Wonder, Parliament, Sly & the Family Stone, Prince, The Commodores, Rick James, contemporary hitmaker Bruno Mars and many more. This medley is intended to tear the roof off.


Dark Side of the Wall 

The unmistakeable sound of Pink Floyd’s psychedelic rock left an enduring mark on music. Their 1973 release Dark Side of the Moon spent an incomprehensible 741 weeks on the Billboard charts catapulting Pink Floyd into legendary status and setting the stage for a string of landmark albums. ‘Dark Side of the Wall’ explores some of the highlights from the peak of their career.


From the multi-layered, operatic vocals to the signature guitar tone and grand scale flamboyance, Queen were truly one of a kind. Emerging as one of the top acts of the '70s, they delivered the bombast of heavy metal with theatrical camp and created songs equally suited for radio and the Broadway stage. Queen Rhapsody features music from their debut through their #1 selling album The Game.


Bring it On Home

Led Zeppelin created the blueprint for heavy metal with their crushing blues-based anthems, primal scream vocals and powerful drumming. From 1969-1979 they created one of the most enduring catalogs of music rock ‘n’ roll will ever know. Bring it On Home is an introduction to the legendary work of Led Zeppelin.


With over 25 hits to his name, Tom Petty is one of America’s great contemporary songwriters. Pedley boils down his 35 year career into 15 minutes of solid hooks that demonstrate why this rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame legend has ruled the airwaves for decades with his catchy anthems and timeless melodies.


Sweet Dreams

Before pulling off one of the most remarkable comebacks in rock history in the '80s, Aerosmith set the style for hard rock in the ‘70s with a raunchy, blues swagger equal parts Rolling Stones and New York Dolls. In the '80s the band reemerged with a string of hits that put them back on top. Sweet Dreams includes highlights from their first four albums and the songs that reinvented the band as '80s superstars.



Along with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Deep Purple is widely recognized as the Holy Trinity of English hard rock. Their 1972 album "Machine Head" stands as an enduring classic. Featuring the timeless riffs, dueling keyboard and guitar solos, and the high octane vocals that cemented their place among rock’s elite, Purple Reign demonstrates why Deep Purple is hard rock royalty. 



The self proclaimed "World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band" have certainly achieved enough in their 50+ year career to lay claim to this title. With over 70 hits, 29 studio albums and 439 recorded songs, The Rolling Stones pioneered the hard-driving blues-based music that has come to define rock & roll. Roll Me Up features a cross-section of recognizable hits from the band's most prolific and influential period.

More than a Journey

In the mid '70s, the album-oriented rock (AOR) format emerged as radio stations were looking for artists with a slickly produced rock sound to contrast with disco and serve as a foundation for what would eventually become classic rock. Bands like Boston, Journey, and REO Speedwagon defined the era with their radio-ready, arena rock anthems. More Than a Journey offers a trip through some of the era’s highlights.



Skyrocketed to legendary status on the strength of their 1987 debut album Appetite for Destruction, Guns N’ Roses put the venom back in hard rock. While their peers were focused on nothing but a good time, Guns N’ Roses became one of the world’s biggest bands and delivered heavy metal’s last masterpiece before grunge changed the tides of music. Pistols N’ Posies focuses on their first 3 proper studio albums.


Ain’t Talkin’  ’Bout Hagar

13 songs in under 11 minutes of classic David Lee Roth era Van Halen. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Hagar features the lightening riffs, banshee screams, thundering bass and pounding rhythms of the most popular American rock & roll band of the late '70s and early '80s. Everybody wants some.